The pierced heart of Loreto

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Wine flows in the deep veins of the historic center of Loreto Aprutino. The centenary cellars of Palazzo Amorotti, adjacent to the ancient and glorious oil mill of Raffaele Baldini Palladini - now home to the Oil Museum - contain evidence of wine art with origins lost over time. The hermetic aura of the cellars leads to the discovery of Amorotti wines, born in a context of extraordinarily suitable lands, where pastures and centuries-old woods alternate with hills planted with vines, olives, cereals and legumes, in organic agriculture and with an eye always turned to the research and enhancement of ancestral genetic resources. During the tour you will experience the three wines produced by the company and, in harmony with these, some small expressions of the artisanal gastronomy of Loreto. A time dedicated to inspiration and the recovery of a feeling of full respect for a virtuous culture of the rural world transmitted by the ancestors. The visit to the Loreto Aprutino Oil Museum can be an integral part of the itinerary at a total cost of € 50.00. The route is open by reservation only. The maximum number of participants is 6 people. The duration of the experience is about 90 minutes. Thursday: 17.00; Friday: 17.00; Saturday: 11.00

How much cost

€ 40 per person

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Via del Baio, 9, 65014 Loreto Aprutino (PE)