Art and nature in the Pescara area

  • 44 km

  • 5 Locations

  • 19 Experiences

  • 74 Wineries

  • 39 Luoghi del gusto

The itinerary

A short path, achievable in a single day, which will take you from Pescara to the gorges of the Alento river to Serramonacesca, a magical place from a naturalistic point of view, not forgetting to visit artistic beauties.

The stages of the route

  • Casa D’Annunzio
    Pescara (PE)

  • Cathedral of San Giustino
    Chieti (CH)

  • Abbey of Santa Maria d’Arabona
    Manoppello (PE)

  • Abbey of San Liberatore a Majella
    Serramonacesca (PE)

  • Alento's gorges
    Serramonacesca (PE)


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